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Hello, my friends,

I would like to start this month’s newsletter with a huge thank your to everyone’s well wishes on Mimsie’s safe return. She was a special bit of joy that I had waiting for me each morning when I arose, but that is gone now, along with her. However, something that I have received instead is the outpouring of kindness from all of you. It has been amazing, and I thank you all so very much, as does Mimsie, wherever she may be.

Something that has always given me consolation when I am down has been playing my keyboard/organ/piano. I have been playing a lot more music these days to cut through the pain, and have even written a song about my dear little soul Mimsie, called, ‘My Heart is a Museum’ (with memories of our life). Perhaps I shall polish it up and let you all hear it someday if you are interested.

Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to find things that bring me joy in addition to music, and I have been reaching into the past once again for my entertainment.

Currently, I am reading short stories by none other than Theodore Sturgeon, writer of a dozen novels and two hundred short stories. He also wrote for The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Star Trek (the original series), amongst others. One short story Theodore wrote, which you may also remember, was made into a TV movie of the same name in 1974, Killdozer, starring Clint Walker and Robert Urich, amongst others. In addition, I have also been carrying on with my quest to read every single EC horror/fantasy/science fiction comic I can get my hands on through Amazon to complete my set. I just finished some Vault of Horror, and am now into a bit of Weird Fantasy, which will soon be followed by some Weird Science.

For TV and movies, I have been loving the variety on Tubi and PlutoTV. That was after I started using my VPN to pretend I was in Seattle instead of Castlegar. The variety of stuff available to American viewers is amazing, as opposed to the limited choices through the same service in Canada. There is just so much stuff we just don’t have up here: classics such as The Twilight Zone, All in the Family, Star Trek (TOS), The African Queen, Rosemary’s Baby, and more. And Tubi has an equally huge amount of movies, many classic and many new. All of these do have a couple of minutes of commercials scattered throughout their presentation (not too many at all, really). And I have to say, they have so much quality stuff, you will never be without something to watch for free (at the cost of a VPN if outside the States). Even Amazon Prime has so much more if you use a VPN to watch from Canada. As an example, I’m now watching Top Gun and its new sequel Top Gun: Maverick, available on American Prime, while in Canada, you can only rent it.

In any event, that is enough of what I am up to. It is now time for this month’s winners! Our audiobook this month goes to hrogrod@XXXXXX.com, and the autographed paperback will be delivered to: goschq@XXXXXX.com. Congratulations to you both, and I hope you enjoy your prizes. Once again, I’d like to ask you all to make sure I am on your ‘good’ email list if you haven’t already added me, so you don’t miss any prize notifications.

Thanks again for your understanding about the delay on Book 2 of Emergence, Into Daylight. Things are going well, and I am very confident you will see it before the end of this month. Stay tuned to your inbox for further updates.

Good health and great reads to you all,

-Katie B

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