Abandoned: A Lively Deadmarsh Novel Book 1 Now Available on Amazon!

From Award-winning Author, Katie Berry comes the first book in a new series, ABANDONED: A Lively Deadmarsh Novel Book 1 

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On December 31st, 1981, high atop a snowy mountain peak in the rugged interior of British Columbia, Canada, ninety-eight beautiful people eat, drink, laugh and dance inside the opulent grand ballroom of The Sinclair Resort Hotel.

The clock strikes twelve, a cheer goes up and the music swells; balloons drop and streamers swirl.

Then blackness…

Fifteen seconds later, the power returns and every living soul inside the ballroom has vanished, never to be seen again.

Now, forty years later, Preternatural Investigator Lively Deadmarsh and his twin sister, Minerva, have been brought in to solve this decades-old mystery once and for all.

Should they fail, they may become part of it, forever… 

“Seriously Creepy…”

“I couldn’t put it down…”

“Had to keep the lights on…”