CLAW Emergence – Kitty Welch Now available

Katie Berry is pleased to announce the next novelette in the CLAW Emergence series!

Now available for your reading enjoyment, the next installment in the CLAW Emergence novelette series is out. CLAW Emergence: Kitty Welch is now available at Amazon worldwide.

Meet Kitty Welch, a working girl whose day has gone from bad to deadly in short order. When an appointment with a client goes awry, Kitty flees for her life and she soon finds herself on the run, and on the dinner menu.

I hope you enjoy this new adventure featuring Kitty Welch and her friends as they experience more of what a lawless mining town in BC was like, before it became Lawless, BC.

An audiobook short of this novelette will be coming in the near future. And while I am speaking of audiobooks from CLAW Emergence, CLAW Emergence: Caleb Cantrill‘s audiobook will be coming out very very soon (it is in the final quality control check stage right now).

Good reads and great health to you all,

-Katie Berry

Enter to win and help!

Two autographed copies of CLAW and its prequel are now part of the 1st Annual Castlegar Sunrise 2000 Rotary Online Auction (…/novel-set-claw-by-author…/).

Get your bid in today to help make things a bit better for those in need at this festive time of the year when want is most acutely felt.

Good health and great reads to you all.

-Katie Berry

October Audiobook and Novel winners

Hello all!

The are two more lucky Insider Subscribers for the month of October! Congratulations to you both! And the winners are:

Audiobook of CLAW won by

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As I mentioned in the complete winners list on a separate page on the site, don’t forget to check your spam and junk mail folders at the end of each month to see if you have won! Sometimes, the winner’s alerts go into there instead, so don’t forget to check! It could be you!

A special thank you to each and every one of my Katie Berry Books Insider subscribers. Though you didn’t win this month, there is always next month. And there will be three giveaways next month, there will be a draw for an autographed copy of the novelette CLAW: Emergence – Caleb Cantrill as well!

Till then, I bid you good reads and great health,

-Katie Berry