CLAW Resurgence

Ice Age Horror Returns to Western Canada

440+ 5-Star Reviews on Amazon.com

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Their shattered town rebuilt
, the residents of Lawless, BC are once again ready to get on with their lives, the terrors from the past now behind them. A winter solstice festival is planned to celebrate both the holidays and the townspeople’s determination to get things done.

However, human nature and mother nature have different ideas. Between their caprices, Lawless is once again thrust into a maelstrom of avarice, vengeance and horrors from out of time.

Battered by a huge snowstorm, the small mountain town must pull together and fight for their very lives against vicious predators from both the past and present now wreaking havoc in the surrounding valley.

What Readers Say:
“The plot and suspense are top-notch…”
“Loved getting to read more about my favorite characters and can’t wait for the next book.”
“Plenty of chills and suspense, highly recommend this book!”
“A thrilling read from beginning to end…”
“Couldn’t put it down!”
“It’s a page-turner.”
“Great characters, both new and old.”
“Unexpected plot twists…”
“More of what you loved from the first novel.”

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