ABANDONED: A Lively Deadmarsh Novel Book 1 – Arrivals and Awakenings

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From award-winning author, Katie Berry comes the FIRST in a new FOUR BOOK Series  —ABANDONED: A Lively Deadmarsh Novel Book 1 – Arrivals and Awakenings.

40 years ago, 98 People VANISHED in 15 SECONDS of darkness, never to be seen again — Until NOW…

On December 31st, 1981, high atop a snowy mountain peak in the rugged interior of British Columbia, Canada, ninety-eight beautiful people eat, drink, laugh and dance inside the opulent grand ballroom of the Sinclair Resort Hotel.

The clock strikes twelve, a cheer goes up and the music swells; balloons drop and streamers swirl.

Then blackness…

Fifteen seconds later, the power returns and every living soul inside the ballroom has vanished, never to be seen again.

Now, forty years later, Preternatural Investigator Lively Deadmarsh and his psychic twin sister, Minerva have been brought in to solve this decades-old mystery once and for all.

Should they fail, they may become part of it, forever.

[Please be advised that this FOUR NOVEL SERIES contains CLIFFHANGERS]


What Amazon Readers are saying:

“This book rises above 95% of the others in the supernatural horror category.”

“Love the creepy atmosphere and the way the author ties together past and present…”

“Lively and Minerva are really cool.”

“This is definitely up there in the top five books I’ve ever read…”

“5.0 out of 5 stars Great Canadian yarn.”

“I did not realize how fast I went through this book. I enjoyed every chapter.”

“Kept me on edge throughout…”

“Seriously Creepy…”

“I couldn’t put it down…”

“This is a bit of a change for me and I totally enjoyed it.”

“I was riveted from page one…”

“I didn’t know Stephen King had a sister…”

“This is a fabulous haunted and very weird hotel story…”

“…wonderful and spooky twists and turns…

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