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Hello, my friends,

Well, here we are at the height of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. I hope you’ve all had a chance to have a little getaway somewhere. It has been a pleasant July here in the West Kootenays, and hopefully August will continue that trend.

Though I normally write seven days a week, I took some time off at the beginning of July to catch my breath and enjoy the summer, though I wasn’t idle during that time, as you will discover below.

You’ll be happy to know I am now well into CLAW Emergence Book 3: Return to Darkness. I think you will thoroughly enjoy this final part of the trilogy, and I’m trying to make it as exciting as possible. As of right now, I think I can confidently say you’re in for quite a ride, so saddle up for this fall when I release it. I should have a better guestimate for its release when the September newsletter arrives in your inbox, but it’s looking like a Halloween release at this point (fingers crossed).

Before I forget, I was just informed last week that CLAW Emergence Book 2: Into Daylight’s audiobook release from Tantor Media will be coming out on October 10th! And don’t forget, CLAW Emergence Book 1: Into Daylight is coming out on audiobook on August 29th. Here’s the only live link I have for preorder right now, but remember, it will be available on ALL audiobook platforms for your listening enjoyment: https://www.audiobooks.com/promotions/promotedBook/657756/claw-emergence-from-the-shadows?refId=84869

Though I said above that I took a couple of weeks off at the beginning of July, that is not completely accurate. To relax on my vacation and feel productive at the same time, I decided to have some fun and finish Darla’s dark little tale so that I could give it away as thanks to you, my loyal Katie Berry Books Insider Subscribers.

Click the image to go the Katie Berry Short Story section of my website.

For those of you who’ve read ABANDONED, you will recall that news reporter Will Weston, who had a bad experience in the bowels of the Sinclair Hotel, moved away after his ‘incident’ to a little place up the coast, Ferring’s Point. It is in this town that Darla experiences her dark night. Like Lawless and Entwistle, this little town is important in the broader scheme of things, and I thought it worth pointing out to those paying attention. There is a reason behind it all, and you will find out, eventually. You’ll just have to follow along as I write those short stories over the next little while. Some will be set in Lawless, some Entwistle, and some, as is the case with Darla, will be set in Ferring’s Point, BC, another town with a dark and troubled past.

Darla’s Dark Night is the first story of many that I will be bringing to you over the next while, and the only thing you need to do to claim it to go here: https://katieberry.ca/free-short-stories/ then enter the email you used to subscribe to this newsletter.

I should also mention that there is one other story that has been available for a while now on the story page for a little while, The Problem. I gave it a new cover to go with the new design I created for my Katie Berry Short Stories line. I truly hope you enjoy this latest tale and that it gives you a shiver or two. I hope to release a couple more before the end of the year if all goes well. So stay tuned to the newsletter for more coming soon.

Though this is a bit longer than usual, I thought you might enjoy a bit of an inside look at things because, after all, you are a Katie Berry Books Insider for a reason. And two of those reasons are what we will address right now! The winner of this month’s audiobook of their choice is: aj5876@XXXXXX.com. And the lucky winner of an autographed paperback, delivered to their door, goes to: derekva44@XXXXXX.com.

Huge thanks again to everyone for all the wonderful comments and reviews of CLAW Emergence Book 2: Into Daylight on Amazon. Keep them coming, please, because they help so much. If you have read the novel and enjoyed it, please share that enjoyment on Amazon. The more engaged reviews I get, the more people I can help share my writing with. You are the bomb, each and every one of you, and I thank you for your continued patronage from the bottom of my heart.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look inside, drop me a line, and while you’re at it, tell me what kind of short stories you might like to read. I have several in the works, but if there is a story you’d like to see about a character or place in one of my novels, let me know. Perhaps a spot where you’re left wondering, ‘whatever happened to so-and-so after such-and-such happened’, or ‘what else happened here in (fill in the blank)’. You know, all those little what ifs or what happened to moments where you’ve always been curious. I am sure it would be great fun for me to write a few tales based on some intrguing ideas from you, my Katie Berry Books Insiders. Anyway, this is it, the end. Don’t forget to check out the new story!

Good health and great reads,

-Katie Berry

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