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ABANDONED Book 4: Deception and Deliverance is now available! Chill to the wintery delights of the Sinclair Hotel as you relax on the beach, at the cabin, or in the cool refuge that your basement provides. It is now out in eBook format, with the paperback to follow shortly and the audiobook sometime this fall.

It’s been a long journey for this novel, over five years since its inception, and I believe it should provide the requisite goose bumps and spinal chills that you’ve come to expect and is an enjoyable close to this, the first adventure of Mr. Lively Deadmarsh. But don’t worry, he will be back in the near future with his second tale, BESIEGED. It is a story of an ocean cruise gone horribly wrong, and Lively is right there in the middle of it. Let’s hope he’s brought his Dramamine.

In the course of writing ABANDONED, a lot has happened in my life, which has delayed its production by a little over half a year. For that, I must apologise, but as you know, tending to one’s health is very important, and I have had my fair share of issues of late. But things are looking up, and I hope to have everything resolved in the near future so I can be back to 100% and be able to write many more stories for you to enjoy, and do so in a reasonable amount of time.

Coming up next will be the first novel in the CLAW Emergence series, chronicling the historical past of Lawless, BC, in a time when it was just plain lawless. The first book will introduce you to Mr. Caleb Cantrill and Miss Kitty Welch and the events that transpired in the small mountain town during the long hot summer of 1895 at the height of the gold rush. It should be coming your way this fall, with the second hopefully by Christmas and the third in the spring of next year.

Well, that’s it for now. Stay tuned, as usual, for two more draws at the end of the month for a free audiobook and autographed paperback. And if you’re not a Katie Berry Books Insider already, you should click the link below to make sure you don’t miss anything: https://mailchi.mp/756d0cbb50ea/subscribe-page

Good health and great reads to you all,

-Katie Berry

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