June Winners and July Novels


Summer is upon us and what better time to kick back and listen to an audiobook or read a novel on the beach, at your cabin in the woods, or poolside somewhere lovely and relaxing. But wherever you go and whatever you do, I hope you all have a safe and happy summer. A belated Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadians: May your double-doubles be delicious and your maple syrup always flow smoothly.

Today, just like every month, there are two lucky winners in the monthly draws, one receiving a free audiobook of their choice, and the other an autographed novel of their choice mailed to their doorstep.

But everyone who didn’t win, fear not, you will also have something to read very soon as the finishing touches are being placed upon ABANDONED Book 4: Deception and Deliverance. As you know, I strive to make every book I release the best it can be. My quality assurance team (me) is hard at work making sure every scare, surprise and revelation in this final novel is the best it can be so that the conclusion of Lively Deadmarsh’s first adventure is one you will remember, I hope, at least for a little while.

Of course, I realise I said I was aiming for the end of June for its release, but as also mentioned previously, some health issues I’ve been having are affecting the production schedule. But trust me, please, when I say the release is imminent. I was hoping to have it out for my birthday tomorrow (just like the Tom Cruise movie, I was Born on the Fourth of July), but that isn’t going to happen. All signs are now pointing to the middle of the month, at the latest, or hopefully sooner. I am so appreciative of your patience and understanding at this time. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me with your well wishes and kind thoughts. I live, and love, to entertain through my writing and your continued support means the world to me.

On to the winners! The audiobook this month goes to: jnfinch44@XXXXXX.com, and the autographed paperback is going out to: blue_babe1993@XXXXXX.com.

Thanks so much to everyone for being a Katie Berry Books Insider Subscriber and allowing me to chat with you a couple of times a month in these little blog bursts. As always, allow me to remind you to make sure I am on your email’s ‘good list’ so that you don’t miss any updates (or winning prize notifications). Well, I must run and get back at it. Take care, my friends and enjoy your July!

Good health and great reads to you all,

-Katie Berry

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