Winners Listed and Questions Answered

Hoping for a better year

Happy New Year to one and all!

Welcome to 2022, I hope you enjoy your stay. Last year was challenging for many of us, but we made it through. And now, here we are with 2021 now in the rearview mirror of life. Let’s hope that our next revolution of the sun brings more laughter and joy into all of our lives. After the last couple of years, we could certainly use it. For my part, I will continue to provide you with engaging tales to help you forget about the real world, at least for a little while, and let you get lost in a world of words instead.

I also have two more lucky prize winners to announce. Let’s congratulate this month’s autographed paperback recipient, g.rose.montecalvo@XXXXXX.com. And congratulations also to this month’s audiobook winner, dbenaway@XXXXXX.com. In a change of pace this month, the winners will get to choose which prize they would like to receive in their respective format from a selection of available Katie Berry titles.

And now, as promised, I will answer three more ‘About Me’ questions from the survey we just had. So here we go:

  1. Will you continue to write creature horror?

Yes! I love creature horror as much as you do! I will always be looking for something new and exciting to write about, or at least give a different spin on the genre and its tropes.

  1. Which book would you most want to actually live out?

Gosh, that’s a good one. I would have to say, of my own books, I would most like to live out CLAW. Lawless is a friendly little town with lots of great places to eat. However, if I had to live out someone else’s novel, it would have to be: Ready Player One. I am a huge fan of VR (I go rock climbing each morning, then get my sabres out and slice some beats). Though the future in Ready Player One is dystopian, it is still intriguing to me. Of course, it is also a future that we quite possibly could be experiencing ourselves within the next ten years.

  1. I am in awe of Katie Berry and would love to know how and where you get such a wonderful, vivid imagination.

Well, thank you. I never realised I could inspire awe, and I have to say, it’s kind of awe-inspiring. But where did I get such a wonderful and vivid imagination? I think I would have to thank my mother for that. As a little girl, she and I used to watch all of the old Abbott and Costello movies where they meet various monsters such as The Wolfman, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, etc. That humorous introduction to Universal’s monster line-up was one that left a big impression on little Katie. As little Katie grew up, she branched out into other fare such as The Night Stalker, and of course, the X-Files (which, interestingly, the creator of that show, Chris Carter, says the Night Stalker helped inspire the writing of his series). You can’t beat the old ‘creature of the week’ formula. That is something I will be endeavouring to do with the Lively Deadmarsh series, and each novel will feature a different creature or mysterious happening.

This was a bit of a long post today, but a lot of fun. And now, I will let you go and get on with your new year. But don’t worry, I will be in touch soon in the next newsletter where I will answer more of your questions and give out more exciting prizes.

Good health and great reads to you all,

-Katie B

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