ABANDONED Book 3: Chaos and Corruption is Finally Here and More!!

Hello, everyone!

It has been a hectic and challenging year for me, as I am sure it has been for most of you. With three books in the ABANDONED series released this year, as well as the incredibly well-received sequel to CLAW, CLAW Resurgence, I have been a busy little bee. 

I hope you have all gotten your shopping done for your feast of roast beast, or whatever it is you sharing with your family and friends at this magical time of year. I have attached a shot out my doorstep for your enjoyment. Bing Crosby would be a happy man. 🙂

The ABANDONED series is quickly coming to a close. Book four should be in your hands by early spring. After that, Lively and Minerva will be on to other adventures, some in Canada, and others in different locations around the world.

Another CLAW series is on the horizon, with the three-book CLAW Emergence prequel launching by next summer. By the fall of 2022, a third book in the present-day CLAW universe is slated for release, with a fourth and final CLAW novel coming in 2023.

So that is what is going to keep me busy. I am sure you all have your own list of things for the upcoming year, both work and recreation related. I think it’s good to have some sort of roadmap for what you want to accomplish. If not to write novels, then perhaps to clean out the garage, tune the lawnmower or clean the bats from your belfry (I did that last year). Whatever ticks your to-do list on the road of life, right?

I will keep this short and end by saying I hope you all have a great holiday, and that your new year is one of hope, joy and accomplishment, all sprinkled with the odd scare from me, of course.

That reminds me, I almost forgot. For those of you interested in picking up the latest in the ABANDONED series, click here for Book 3: https://amzn.to/3poZdeU

Feliz Navidad!

-Katie Berry


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