ABANDONED Book 3: Chaos and Corruption Audiobook Coming May 10th!

ABANDONED A. Lively Deadmarsh Novel Book 3: Chaos and Corruption Artwork

Chaos and Corruption will be released on all the major audiobook platforms next month, May 10th, 2022! And I am thrilled to say we have the amazing Alex Knox behind the microphone once again doing his usual fantastic job!

Most retailers should have preorders up on their platforms by now. I have included a short, but not inclusive, list below, for those of you who want to start on listening on day one:

Audible.com: https://amzn.to/3L8AgNd

Audiobooks.com: https://www.audiobooks.com/audiobook/abandoned-a-lively-deadmarsh-novel-book-3-chaos-and-corruption/569906

Google Play Books: https://play.google.com/store/audiobooks/details/Katie_Berry_ABANDONED?id=AQAAAED8uWf5iM

Kobo.com: https://www.kobo.com/en/audiobook/abandoned-154

2 thoughts on “ABANDONED Book 3: Chaos and Corruption Audiobook Coming May 10th!

  1. Hi, Katie! I can’t wait to read Lively Book 4! Soo excited!
    I have Claw series question. Can you give us any tidbits on when we can expect book 3 release? I’m so excited qnd anticipation is killing me 😬 can’t wait until 8 can read it. And, the Claw Emergence… when get we expect another?
    Hope you’re doing well!

    1. Hi Kelly!

      Thanks for reaching out. I am doing well, thank you for asking. When not writing, I’ve been out enjoying the beautiful spring here in the West Kootenays of BC. Regarding ABANDONED, Book 4 should be out by the end of May, if all goes well (which it seems to be). And the third modern-day CLAW novel, CLAW Resurrection will be coming out next spring. But first, coming this fall, I will be releasing the three-book prequel series of CLAW Emergence (of which I’m sure you’ve already read the introductory novelettes). The first book should be out in September, with the second by Christmas and the third in the new year. Hope this clarifies things and thanks again for your support and enjoyment of my tall tales from BC. 🙂

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