CLAW Resurgence cover and story reveal

Hi everyone!

The cover to CLAW Resurgence is now available for your viewing pleasure.

After the quake in January, Lawless, BC, is still recovering from the damage inflicted upon the small town by Mother Nature, both geologic and otherwise. Now, many months later, things are just starting to return to normal. The holidays are fast approaching, and the city is preparing for its brand new winter festival to celebrate the reconstruction and reopening of the calamity prone mountain town.

Without giving anything further away, I will say that if you enjoyed CLAW: A Canadian Thriller, you should enjoy Resurgence just as much. Everyone is back, with new friends and foes to make things even more interesting.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I will give another update very soon.

Good health and great read,


2 thoughts on “CLAW Resurgence cover and story reveal

  1. Can’t wait, ate up the other three like crullers n coffee.

    1. That is fabulous to know. I hope you’re not too full for the dessert that is Resurgence. 🙂

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