Canadian Novelist’s Book Comes True — Almost!

September 14th, 2020

September 14th, 2020
It would seem that Canadian Author Katie Berry’s debut novel, CLAW is coming true!

An entire prehistoric cave bear was recently discovered in the permafrost by reindeer herders in Siberia, over 8,000 kilometres from Moscow. The ancient predator was found completely preserved, with all of its soft tissues fully intact including all of its internal organs.

Berry’s novel, CLAW also features a prehistoric animal from the past. However, her creature, based on the largest bear ever to exist, Actotherium Angustidens, actually hails from a bit further south of the border than the Siberian animal. Berry’s title creature, along with several other beasts from prehistory come back to life in the novel and wreak havoc on the small interior town of Lawless, BC. Situated in the same valley is the majestic Kootenay Glacier, a magnificent body of ancient ice much like that of the real-life Kokanee Glacier, located near scenic Nelson, BC.

In the novel, after a major earthquake hits the region, strange things begin to happen around the Kootenay Glacier. Complicating things further is a cadre of corrupt characters who would prefer to keep a dark secret buried deep. Suffice it to say that things don’t end well for them, or several other unfortunate souls in the novel.

When asked if the rest of CLAW may come true in the future, the author said, “With global warming already occurring on a tragic scale around the real world and now this amazing discovery happening in Siberia, who’s to say if the rest of the story might not come true? But that being said, I hope not, since if it did, it wouldn’t be very much fun for anybody concerned. I am more than happy to keep the things I write about as fiction, thank you very much.”

Berry’s debut novel continues to sell well, currently pleasing over 9,000 fans worldwide and growing every day since its release late 2019. It continues to receive glowing reviews from those who enjoy a thriller novel that contains a little extra ‘Creature’ in their ‘Feature’.

With two novels releasing this fall and two more next spring, Katie Berry is keeping more than busy. Her next release is scheduled for Halloween, entitled ABANDONED: A Lively Deadmarsh Novel. It is a story of ninety-eight beautiful people celebrating at the Sinclair Resort Hotel on New Year’s Eve 1981 when a power failure strikes at midnight. In the space of fifteen seconds the power returns, but every living soul in the grand ballroom has disappeared, never to be seen again.

Learn more about Katie Berry by visiting her website at https://katieberry.ca

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